Fast Electric - growing in popularity...

Electric... Quite a lot of model boats run on batteries, the exceptions being sail, steam and IC. However this section is about 'semi-scale' fun / race boats - a.k.a. Fast Electric.

Serious fast electric boats are raced under the guidelines of MPBA here in the UK. The boats will generally be running high performance brushless motors powered mostly by Lipo batteries

We don't officially hold any MPBA racing at SMBC, so owners run their boats for fun. If you seriously want to race, head over to the MPBA website where you will find info on class of boat - there are around seven or eight classes - and race locations in the UK

What we do race every year are Club 500 boats. The club has a lot of regular participants in the Club 500 races, held Sunday mornings from Spring onwards. The concept is that all Club 500 boats are equal, and it's all down to the drivers! Boats all have the same unmodified 500 motor, running off a 7.2 volt Nimh battery. The only differences are the colour schemes and race numbers. Why not come down and watch?

club 500 boats

One of the more popular ready to run 'fun boats' is the Joysway Mad Flow tunnel hull. A lively performer on the water!

fast electric boat

We have too many images to put them all on this page ... head over to the Gallery where you will find some nice pix.

YouTube Video Channel...

Don't forget to check out our channel on YouTube to see some of our boats in action... we usually have a new video every couple of weeks.