Search on YouTube for Stevenage Model Boat Club or follow our link at the bottom of the page.

We have a variety of videos to watch... Open days, IC boats, Club 500 etc. Videos are shot with a mixture of cameras from proper 4K video cameras down to little GoPro Session action cameras fitted to the boats. While this provides some spectacular footage, including underwater footage if a boat capsizes, there is a small risk that cameras may be lost in the depths if they come unstuck from the boat. It has happened on a few occasions.

One of our larger scale models - Fairmount Glacier - has the facility to remotely rotate the camera to follw other boats around the lake and get some close-up 'ship to ship' video or stills.

Everyone is welcome to come and have a look at the boats,  on the water or on dry land - take pictures or video - talk to the owners and see how you can get a boat and join our club.