Photo Gallery...

We have quite a lot of photos, taken over the last few years. Therefore we've created multiple galleries to showcase the different types of boats, so you can look at your particular interests.

IC Boats We have numerous Nitro boats and a few 'Gas' Boats (run on 2-stroke petrol). Boats are run on Sunday Mornings throughout the year, rain or shine. Check out the photos, and then head over to our YouTube channel to see them in action!

Fast Electric Most fast electric are fun to run - have a look

Scale Boats We have tugs, motor launches, Broads cruisers, fishing boats, numerous warships and naval vessels and the odd submarine or two

Steam Boats We have only a few steam powered boats at the lake but this still fascinates everyone who sails or visits

Yachts These vary from the new RTR or ARTR to the vintage built yacht.

YouTube Video Channel...

Don't forget to check out our channel on YouTube to see some of our boats in action... we usually have a new video every couple of weeks.